The Many Uses of Goat

The humble goat is one of humankind’s most valuable and versatile animals. It is a provider of milk and hair when alive and valuable as a provider of food and leather once slaughted. Of course, some breeds are more suited to certain purposes.

Some of the worlds highest quality animal products are sourced from goats. The Angora Goat is famous for its luxurious mohair which has been valued by people for hundreds of years. The Chamois Goat provides one of the most versatile and durable animalskins around.

Goats have been used as a source of meat for thousands of years. They are easier and cheaper to raise and manage for smaller communities when compared to larger livestock like cows. Charities today prefer to provide goats to impoverished communities because goats are easier to look after, are generally nice natured, have many uses and provide year-round.

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