Nubian Goats

Nubian Goats – Hide, Meat and Milk

The Anglo-Nubian Goat

This popular and all-purpose breed is useful for about any reason you could want to breed goats. The Anglo-Nubian is a descent milk goat with a relatively high butterfat content. The Anglo-Nubian is also sought after for its hide which is great for production. The breed is also commonly bred for meat as well.nubian3

Due to its being best suited for hot climates, it is most popular all over the world in areas between the tropics. In these climates, the goat is a primary source of milk as they can produce nearly year round.

History of the Anglo-Nubian Goat

Nubian goats originated in Nubia in NE Africa. They were then imported into England where breeders used the bucks to cross breed with their domestic does to introduce some of the characteristics of the Nubian they found desirable (namely that they were long legged and hardier). By 1895, the Anglo-Nubian breed had been developed from these crossbreeding efforts.

Nubian Goats
Nubian goat in show enclosure

Characteristics of the Anglo-Nubian Goat

For dairy goats, the Nubian goats are quite remarkable for its grace, pride, and relatively large size. This has led to the claims that the goat has an “Aristocratic” appearance. The Anglo-Nubian’s nose is distinctly roman and it is typically short haired.

It is the head of the Nubian Goat that distinguishes the breed. The facial profile must be convex between the muzzle and the eyes, the ears must also be long and wide. The ears have well defined cartilage, are not thick, and should be close to the head and flare out towards the bottom to make the shape of a “bell.”

Nubian Goat Colors

The most common colors of Anglo Nubian Goats are red, black, and tan – but any color is allowed and combinations with white are very common. The males tend to have shorter hair than their Swiss counterparts as well.


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