Kamori Goat

The Kamori Goat – Milk

The Kamori Goat is the most popular breed of goat found in Sindh province of Pakistan. The Kamori Goat is famous due to its body structure and unique colors. Purebred Kamori Goats have a dark brown coat with light brown patches over its entire body. The Kamori Goats fetch a very high price under sale due to their uniqueness and rarity. Some farmers crossbreed pure Kamori Goats with The Patairee Goat. The Patairee Goat is another well-known breed found in the Sindh Province. This breeding results in a goat demonstrating strong Kamori characteristics (color, body height and style) without the high price associated with the purebred.

Kamori breed is mostly mound in Hyderabad, Naw Abshah, Larkana throughout the Sindh Province. The weight of an adult buck is about 60 kg and wight of an adult doe is about 50 kg

The Kamori Goat
The Kamori Goat at a marketplace in Pakistan

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