Irish Goat

The Irish Goat – Milk and Meat

The Irish Goat is a breed of goat from Ireland that is used for the production of meat and milk. Despite the name, the Irish Goat is not native to Ireland and is though to have originated on some of the North-west European Islands and is closely related to many breeds native to England, Scotland and Wales. It is included as one of the 4 ‘British Primitive’ breeds. It was English importers who first named this breed ‘The Irish Goat’ when importing the breed to England and Scotland. The Irish Goat is commonly found feral but the breed has been domesticated for the production of milk and meat. In the wild, does are seen to be leaders of the heard.

The Irish goat is a very adaptable animal and has been found in many remote and rugged areas. The Goats are extremely nimble footed and are at home on cliff faces and rock debris.

The Irish Goat varies in color and is found with various coats including a of grey, black, and brown long haired coats. The coats contain a thick cashmere under-layer and a durable, long hair outer coat.

Bucks and does both have horns however horns are larger in males. The Horns of the Irish Goat can be used to determine the age of the Goat. The rings of the horns can be used to determine the age like with tree trunks.

The Irish Goat Poses for the Camera  Source: Wikipedia
The Irish Goat Poses for the Camera
Source: Wikipedia


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