The Beetal Goat

The Beetal Goat – Multipurpose

A Black Beetal Goat being displayed in Pakistan
A Black Beetal Goat being displayed in Pakistan

The Beetal Goat is a breed of goat from Pakistan that is used to produce milk and meat. It is genetically related  to the Jamnapari Goat. The Beetal Goat is also known as the Amritsari Goat.

The Beetal goat is considered a good milker. It demonstrates a large body size and high fecundity. It is known to usually give birth to two or three kids at a time.

The Beetal Goat is also utilised for hide. The hide of these goats is valuable due to the large size of these goats and their characteristically soft skin. Various forms of leather are sourced from these goats such as velour, suede and chamois which are used in the manufacturing of clothes, shoes and tanned goods.

Beetal Goats have been used in selective breeding programs. These programs are designed to incopeerate some of the qualities of the beetal goats into the local goats of the region. These goats are well adapted to stall feeding and thus preferred for more intensive styles of goat farming.


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