The Barbari Goat

The Barbari Goat – Meat

A Barbari Goat in a market in the Punjab Region
A Barbari Goat in a market in the Punjab Region

The Barbari Goat is a breed of goat that originates from the Northwest of India and Pakistan. The Barbari goat is known to originate from the Uttarpradesh and Punjab provinces and is used primarily for its meat.

The Barbari Goat is a meat type breed that is found throughout the Mathura District of Uttarpradesh, as well as Gujrat in India and the Jhelum and Sargodha districts of the Punjab Province, Pakistan.The Barbari Goat is small in size and their color is typically creamy white to golden with the occasional spots.

The Barbari demonstrates good meat qualities and are known to be producers of triplets. These goats mature early and are resilient to diseases.


The Barbari Goat is quite unique. It demonstrates a medium size, compact body and is known to be alert and intelligent. The breed demonstrates bulging eyes, short, errect ears, and short straight horns. Udders are well set with conceal teats. This goat is sometimes used for milk production in the area but more due to a lack of higher quality milk.

The Barbari is a seasonal breeding goat.


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