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Boer Goats – Meat Production

Boer Goat at Show
Boer Goat at Show

Boer Goat Information

The Boer Goat, originally from South Africa and now popular all over the world and in the US, is a meat producing livestock. In the US, Boers are most often raised in west-central Texas where they were originally imported to from New Zealand. It was not until a demand for the breed was established in the states that breeders began to important them from South Africa directly.

History of the Boer Goat

Though it’s not absolutely certain, it’s commonly believe that Boer Goats are descended from the indigenous breeds in South Africa that were raised by the Fooku and Namaqua Bushmen. They have remained a popular domesticated breed ever sense. Today, they are raised to produce meat all over the world.

Characteristics of the Boer Goat

Boer Goats are typically colored in their characteristic brown head/white body combination. However, it is possible for a Boer to be completely brown or white. Their ears are long and resemble the Nubian. The breed is highly resistant to disease and adapts well to desert and hot climates. They grow quickly, tend to be docile, and the females are quite fertile. At full growth, a buck will weigh from 250-300 pounds and a doe will weigh 200-225 pounds.

In fact, Boer females are known as excellent mothers when compared to other breeds of goats as well. Typically, does can produce up to three crops of kids in a 2 year period alternating between five months of pregnancy, 3 months of nursing, and then repeating the process with a new crop of kids.

Raising Boer Goats

Boer goats have been traditionally raised and bred to be meat goats as opposed to dairy goats. Breeding them often depends upon the quality of the buck. The higher-quality the buck, the faster and bigger the resulting kid grows. Because Boers breed throughout the year, using a high-quality sire that can produce fast growing kids makes the Boer ideal for producing more meat at a lower cost than other breeds of goat.

Does that are big enough also make excellent show goats because they meet desirable visual appearance standards. Beyond that, they are used to kid in meat production. Multiple births are very common, though the first time a doe kids she tends have a single delivery. To help increase the meat production, female Boers are often crossbred with other breeds like the Spanish Goat, Kiko Goat, Nubian Goat, Jamnapari Goat and others.


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