Arapawa Island Goat

The Arapawa Goat – Vegetation Control

Arapawa Island Goat
Arapawa Island goat. Source

The Arapawa Island Goat is a breed of feral goat that is found on Arapawa Island, off the coast of New Zealand.

The Arapawa Island Goat is believed to have descended from milch goats. Milch Goats were released on Arapawa Island off the coast of New Zealand in the early 1900’s. Milch Goats are descendants of a  breed of English landrace goat which no longer exists in its native England.

These goats were originally put on Arapawa Island by the inhabitants of the bay working at a whaling station named Te Awa Iti. The Arapawa Goat is a friendly breed which easily mixes with other breeds of goat.

Arapawa Island Goats are extremely rare today as they were not exported in the same volumes other comparable breeds were. A few Island Goats have been exported to North America and other regions. In 2004 six arapawa Island goats were brought from Arapawa Island to the UK in an attempt to maintain the bloodline. The six goats brought to the UK have now been bred into substantial herds around the country.

The New Zealand Department Of Conservation wished to cull them entirely. Betty Rowe, an island resident and activist, helped prevent this action. Through these actions the goat still survives today but annually there is a cull to maintain numbers and control devegetation. There is a sanctuary set up on the island that houses many Arapawa Island Goats.


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